When women succeed, we all succeed. By amplifying the call for gender equality in political participation, peace-building and security, and business, you are investing in the strength of your community. That’s because when women are given fair access to opportunities, their families, communities, and countries grow with them.

Together, let’s stand up for women’s rights. Throughout Africa4Her, you’ll learn more about the unique challenges facing women across sub-Saharan Africa and how we can all advocate for women’s rights in our communities! 

Strong women make for a strong future for all of us. Use the resources below to join Africa4Her and make a stand for women today. 

Share the Pledge

Take the first step towards empowering women with the Africa4Her pledge. Click the link below to download the pledge so you can share the image across social media. Let everyone know you're committed to uplifting women in society!

Take the Quiz

The Africa4Her Quiz will present you with a variety of facts and figures to test your knowledge of the role of women in politics, peacebuilding and security, and business globally and within Sub-Saharan Africa.

Take the Course

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Educate Your Community

By facilitating a YALILearns session, you can teach others how to advocate for womens’ roles in peace and security, the political arena, and in business. Download the Facilitation Guides below today to start planning your session.

Read More About Africa4Her

Read stories from YALI Network members, find tips, and learn more about the importance of women's health on the YALI Network Blog.

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