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Take free online courses at your own pace and earn personalized certificates in Leadership, Business & Entrepreneurship, Civic Leadership, Public Management and issues such as human rights, good governance, elections and renewable energy. Each lesson offers video, audio and text transcript options. YALI Network Online Courses are currently offered in English, French, and Portuguese.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a member of the YALI Network to take a Course?

No. Anyone with Internet access can take the courses. They are designed to advance practical knowledge of Business & Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Public Management, and Civic Leadership.

The YALI Network is a part of the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) — a signature effort by the U.S. government to invest in the next generation of African entrepreneurs, educators, activists, and innovators. To join the YALI Network visit and click the yellow “Join the Network” box in the top menu.

How do I take a YALI Network Online Course?

Go to Once there:

  1. Choose your preferred language from the dropdown menu.
  2. Select a course from those visible or click the “Show More” button to reveal more courses.
  3. From the individual course page, go to the first lesson on the list and click on “Take Lesson.”
  4. From the individual lesson page, click on the video to play it or select “Transcript” (PDF) or “Audio” (MP3) from the tabs. Click on “Next Lesson” to advance through each lesson in the course.
  5. After reviewing all the lessons in a course, click the “Go to Quiz” button. This will take you to the course quiz.
  6. The quiz includes questions from each lesson in the course. Answer every question correctly and press “Check answers” to advance to the certificate page. If you answered any questions incorrectly, you will be prompted to “Try again” and will only need to re-answer those you got wrong.
  7. On the certificate page, complete the required fields and press “Submit and Get Certificate” to get a customized YALI Network certificate for that course. The certificate will be emailed to you and available for download as a PDF.

Do I need to pay a fee or login to take an Online Course?

No. The YALI Network Online Courses are free to anyone with an Internet connection and no login is required to take the course and quiz.

What do I do if the video is not working?

First try reloading the page and see if that helps. If the video still will not load, try playing the video at a time or in a place when you know you will have ample bandwidth. Alternately, you could listen to the audio file or read the transcript.

Once I’ve completed a YALI Network Online Course and passed the quiz, how do I get a copy of my certificate?

After you’ve completed and submitted the form to customize your certificate, an email will be sent to the address you provided. Your course certificate will be attached. 

Can I change the name on my certificate after it is issued?

Unfortunately, no. You will not be able to modify the certificate once you have completed and submitted the customization form. However, you can retake the quiz to earn a certificate with a different name.

What if I don’t receive my certificate?

To earn a certificate, you must answer all quiz questions correctly and then enter your personal information in the certificate form. Check your spam or junk mail folder to see if it is there. Be sure to enter your email address correctly. If not, you can retake the quiz and submit a new form. Yahoo email addresses can block some certificate attachments, try with a different email address if you are able. 

What are the benefits of earning a YALI Network Online Course certificate?

A course certificate does not earn credit toward an academic degree, but it shows you and others that you have the desire to learn and grow your capabilities. You can share your course certificate across social media to connect with others.

Please note, however, that certificates do not represent academic credit and are not recognized by any universities.

Are there more course selections?

We hope to be able to offer additional courses in the future. Please feel free to let us know what topics you would like to see. Share your ideas on Twitter (@YALINetwork) or Facebook (

Are there study groups for these courses?

We have not created study groups, but you certainly may organize one yourself or hold YALILearns sessions using these courses. Course discussion guides are available for each lesson under the “Lesson Resources” tab and YALILearns session planning toolkits and Facilitation Guides are available at

What is YALILearns?

YALILearns is a Network-wide initiative to promote shared learning and collaboration among young Africans through the use of the YALI Network Online Courses and Video Vignette Series. YALILearns is a way for Network members to network and connect with each other, develop new leadership skills, and discuss the important topics they've learned through the YALI Network resources. 

Facilitating a YALILearns session merely means presenting at least one of the videos from a YALI Network Online Course or Video Vignette Series and discussing the information with a group. You can find helpful resources like Facilitation Guides, Toolkits, sample promotional flyers, and more at

Can I translate the online course material into a local language?

Yes. You may translate the course transcript, discussion guides, quizzes and tests. You are fully responsible for this work and the YALI Network and U.S. Department of State can provide no support for this effort. Any translated materials must be distributed only by you and must not be placed on any YALI Network website, Facebook or Twitter platform.